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Kanayama Exchange
By Amber Leslie Williams Baldwin


March 14, 2007
Wednesday AM

First off I must agree with Dan Patton that both cities are very lucky to have each other. I now live in Washtington and while my new city has sisters they don't send their kids to each other. (by the way our sakura trees are blooming!)

It's been years since I went but I still remember everything that happened on the trip. I can still walk from my host family's house to the school, shoe store, pencil shop, Yuto's house, ect... YES, I remember it that well! Why? Because it's that important to me, it impacted me that much.

I dream of a day I can call Japan my home (doubt it but hey it's my dream). I keep bamboo (bob and franky) along with several fans, chopsticks, yutakas, placemats, wasabi (by the case), bamboo seats, and my new love, my zorojishi* rice cooker! That's really not all of it but you get the idea.

While I have been all around the world the best place I've found has been Japan. Granted everyone can learn from everyone else but it's clean, simple, and a greatful country. I don't know who started the exchange but I owe them a lot and so do many others.

Why doesn't Ketchikan have more cherry trees?

Amber Leslie Williams Baldwin
Lakewood, WA

Received March 13, 2007 - Published March 14, 2007

About: "Exchange student and sushi lover!"


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