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Re: What message are we sending?
By Rebecca Clark


March 13, 2007
Tuesday AM

I agree with Mr. Montero. YES, we need to start being more involved in our children's lives instead of checking out! My husband and I are both involved in our kids' lives here at home and in the community. The problem is the folks that could give a darn about what their kids are doing or where they are at any given time (not such the case in this household!)!

I do not blame the school board or the officials for that child's actions at Schoenbar, I do however, hold firm to my belief that I as a parent should have been informed of what was going on at the school that day. That way MY HUSBAND and I could have made the decision as to whether or not we wanted to put our daughter in harm's way!!! I can make decisions on my children's behalf, isn't that what a PARENT is supposed to do? I however cannot make decisions for other children's lives (to an extent). Let's face it, yes, there are a lot of "out-of-control" children in this world! That is precisely why when a threat is made, we as "concerned and active" parents should be informed so we can protect our children! It is our RIGHT!!!

Rebecca Clark
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 12, 2007 - Published March 13, 2007

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