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By Anita Hales


March 12, 2007
Monday AM

Mr. Sanderson, on one hand you talk of preserving your cultural food gathering places. On the other hand you talk about how hard it is for families to access those places. Wouldn't a bridge to Gravina and a road on Gravina help you access those areas?

No one complains when the property is owned by a private corporation such as Cape Fox or SeaAlaska when they participate in timber harvest. So why is a cut on Forest Service land all of a sudden more "cultural" than those areas?

Timber harvest is a renewable resource. Logging roads can become roads to access recreational and traditional sites. I don't see the problem here.

I'm all for preserving cultural heritage. I would thing you would laud access to your cultural sites paid for with someone else's money.

I know my family has enjoyed driving around Prince of Wales Island for camping and fishing. It would be difficult for us to do it without the roads that were once logging roads.

Anita Hales

Received March 09, 2007 - Published March 12, 2007

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