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Schoenbar incident
By Rebecca Clark


March 08, 2007

Okay, to be sitting home and get a call at 8:00 PM from another parent/teacher telling me that there was a confirmed rumor of a shooting threat at Schoenbar is not my idea of a pleasant evening! What made it even more unpleasant was the fact that I had to hear it from someone calling as a friend (concerned parent) and not the school, school board member, or an authority figure. I have 6 children attending school here in Ketchikan.

I have a question: did the superintendent of schools and the school board members know of this written threat on Tuesday? Obviously the Ketchikan Police Department didn't! What is proper protocol for a situation like this? When there's a bomb threat, schools are evacuated; I guess guns don't matter/ Remember Columbine?????

I was unkindly reminded of an incident at Schoenbar several years back where there was a confirmed threat that was going to be followed through with! I applaud our Police Department for acting on the situation Wednesday and beefing it up at the school. Thank you! But....maybe school should have been cancelled for the day??!! It's sad that the kids who were attending were locked-in and some very scared.(ps, my daughter did not attend Schoenbar yesterday)

Okay, it was only writing on the wall(hmmm?). Hoax or not? There was no proof that it was or wasn't a hoax until further investigation Wednesday, while kids were at school: Not Tuesday evening when the parent tree was playing its role (should've been the school!!)!!

I actively exercise my right to vote. I pay taxes so the schools could be open and my children can attend them. I cast my vote at the ballot box based on how I feel candidates will effectively influence their surroundings for the positive, as well as represent me and my values/beliefs.

Frankly, if you school officials knew of this threat, chose to pass it off as non-threatening(even though you didn't have proof that it wasn't) because your intuition told you it wasn't threatening, you were all in the wrong! Let's go by the facts presented....a written threat....nothing else. That should have been taken seriously at the time it was found and all parents of children attending Schoenbar should have been notified by the school officials by one form or another. ie, phone call, email (the school has most email addresses because it's asked for on all the information sheets at the beginning of the year!) Not the next day while kids were attending school!!!!

I can assure you of this, if elected officials knew and chose to dismiss it at the onset, you WILL NOT have my vote at re-election time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Clark
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 08, 2007 - Published March 08, 2007

About: "Mother of seven; six attending Ketchikan public schools! Actively involved with many youth in this town."




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