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Schoenbar: A Reality Check
By Shauna Lee


March 07, 2007
Wednesday PM

I completely agree with Mr. Grace. I was called last night by another parent and upon confirmation that the rumors were true, there was no question that my child was staying home until the matter was resolved. I felt so badly for students who did go to school today because they weren't notified, only to spend the day in "lock down". Did the school think that the kids would be learning anything with the threat of violence looming in the air?

I simply can't believe that it had to be parents calling parents! If the school was trying to avoid a panic or rumors, the obvious course of action would have been to calmly call parents and inform them of the facts.

What could have happened if the threat was realized? What if a child had brought a gun to school and even pointed it at somebody, let alone used it! What kind of apology letter would Schoenbar and the school district issue to excuse their failure to notify parents?

As it stands, I have heard first hand that some kids who attended Schoenbar today were crying in class, scared. With the school on lock down, police cars parked out front, and knowing that there was a threat - can you blame them? Even if there wasn't a gun for miles, that is not an experience any child should have to go through.

It is a sad and tragic reality that we can't take such threats lightly. Children have access to guns and the know how to use them. They see other kids on television who have taken their frustrations out on others in horrific ways. What could the school have possibly been thinking not to warn parents? Why would the school even be open today? This is not just a big city problem to be swept under the rug. This is the reality of life in 2007.

I have heard several people today saying "it's all been blown out of proportion!" and that may be true. But when it comes to your child's safety - can you ever go too far? Missing one day of school won't hurt my daughter - but one day AT school just might.

Wake Up Schoenbar! Reality just checked in.

Shauna Lee
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 07, 2007 - Published March 07, 2007

About: "Shauna Lee is the parent of two daughters, one a student at Schoenbar Jr. High School."




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