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Trees are a renewable resource
By Forrest Mackie


March 07, 2007
Wednesday PM

I'd like to bring it to every one's attention that all of the trees that were ever used by Ketchikan Pulp Co. are now regrown and most are ready to be cut again. This of course will never happen because the mill is gone. My point is that trees are a renewable resource and the current attitude only makes the large companies like Weyerhauser who own their own trees and replant them, more valuable and that's what has been accomplished.

I grew up working in woods with my dad and all the areas we cut are all regrown now. I feel that the timber industry was wrong for not educating people about the timber. The environmentalists use misinformation to further their agenda.

Thank you,

Forrest Mackie
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 07, 2007 - Published March 07, 2007


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