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Litter in Ketchikan & Organ Donation
By Kathy Morris


March 06, 2007
Tuesday PM

Dear Readers,

I wrote a letter on Jan. 9,"Litter on Ketchikan Roadways". It was so wonderful to see how many of you got involved in cleaning up our beautiful town. And Mr Patton I do pick up trash, I don't kick back and complain about it, and as you can see many others don't either! Let's keep up the good work!

Also I'd like to address Mr. Undis on kidney donation, it is a wonderful gift, if you only have seen what I have, maybe people would think twice about organ donation. My father was a diabetic, and his kidneys failed. We had to wait several months before the surgery that would save his life. I went with him to all his dialysis treatments, several people died waiting for that gift of life.

To MJ Cadle, what a wonderful gift you gave, not only to the recipient, but to yourself. We can live with no problem with one kidney, in fact, the one kidney grows to about the size of one and a half of a kidney. I have never had any complications. So please, like Mr Undis said, please sign that donor card. And if you wish to donate, make it known to your family and doctor. It really is an honor to give a gift of life to someone.

Kathie Morris
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 05, 2007 - Published March 06, 2007

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