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Organ donation
By MJ Cadle


March 04, 2007
Sunday PM

While I applaud Mr. Undis for reminding us of the importance of organ donation, I would ask him to be more respectful of those who for either health or religious reasons are unable to donate and not leave us out as recipients of organs or transfusions should we need them.

All my life I have walked by the blood donor vans feeling guilty that could not donate. All my life I have wished I could donate my organs. I have encouraged those around me to donate organs or blood and thanked people I know who have. But I cannot. Thanks to an illness at an early age, I have been told I can never donate either blood or my organs (I checked again when my husband went to donate blood a few months ago). There are many others out there like myself who are unable to donate FOR YOUR SAFETY. Others who may even need organs to continue living. Would you deny them an organ transplant because they were unable to donate?

I was the lucky recipient of 2 blood transfusions during my cancer treatment a few years ago (not on par with an organ donation, but still a gift that helped to save my life). I am incredibly grateful for the donated blood and incredibly grateful that Swedish Medical Center does not have a policy of giving first to those who donate or I might not be alive today.

If groups like yours proliferate, I think you will find many people signing up to donate knowing full well their organs are unsafe. They may even go so far as to lie should you start to ask questions about their health history. Do you really want someone like myself who is now at high risk of cancer recurrance to agree to donate you my organs just so I can be on your list?

MJ Cadle
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 04, 2007 - Published March 04, 2006

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