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Worst President in American History
By Ken Levy


March 04, 2007
Sunday PM

Al Gore won the election in 2000 by over 500,000 votes. Only a crooked election fixed by brother Jeb in Florida put the moron George Walker Bush in the White House and brought on 911 and the Iraq war. If Al Gore had won in 2000 there would be no 911 and he would have never invaded Iraq.That's a total of over 6,000 lives saved and about a trillion dollars in wasted American money to date.

Bush in all his wisdom invaded the wrong country. He only wanted to invade Iraq to finish what daddy started. He knew Bin Laden was the crook, all the CIA knew it, but he went full speed ahead and lied to the American people.

Now we are on the fringe of war with Iran who had a 10 year war with Iraq that no one won.The war in Iraq is a total waste of time and money.We should be hunting Bin Laden who was and still is behind all the misery of the last 5 years.

George Walker Bush will go down in history as the worst President in American history - period.

Two crooked elections in a row, maybe we can get it right in 2008. Funny thing third world countries are able to have free and non corrupt elections. Why can the greatest country on earth do the same?

With Bush's approval rating below 30%, I'm thinking maybe it just might happen next year.

And if Al Gore wanted to make a run for President next year he would win by a landslide.

The Middle East is and has been a mess for many years and will never change.And soon England will start pulling her troops out.That will leave American troops pretty much sitting in the sand alone.

Bush will leave office in January 2009, leaving a real mess for the next President to clean up.

And let us not forget the folks in New Orleans who after all these months are still waiting for help to rebuild.

My guess is those states will go Blue in the next election.

Bright Blue!!

Ken Levy
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 28, 2007 - Published March 04, 2006




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