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Organ Donation
By Janet Cadero


March 04, 2007
Sunday PM

This letter is in response to the David J. Undis letter regarding organ donation. I believe that if a people understood that the process of being an organ donor is not as hard as they may think and that you don't have to be deceased to donate some organs more people would be put on the register.

I donated a kidney to my sister a few years back. The initial test was a simple blood test to see if we were compatible. Finding out we were a perfect match, there are other rounds of tests (urine, blood, etc.). None of which took very much time away from my normal daily routine. There is also a psychological test, and MRI, CatScan, and an EKG. Again, none of these procedures took very long.

I have had no side effects from donating my kidney, I just find I am drinking a lot more water. As for the psychological part of it, it's not my kidney anymore, it's hers.

Her health is better, but will have to take anti-rejection medication and other medication, but she is able to lead a pretty normal life.

I encourage everyone to please put their name on an organ donation register.

Janet Cadero
Port Hadlock, WA

Received February 28, 2007 - Published March 04, 2006

About: "Was born and raised in Ketchikan, now living in Washington State. I have already donated an organ."


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