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Charter Approved For Tongass School of Arts and Sciences


March 20, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Alaska State Board of Education, at its March 16th meeting, unanimously approved a five-year charter for the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences in Ketchikan beginning on July 1st, 2006. The State's approval is the final step in the school's charter renewal process which began last fall. The Ketchikan School Board previously approved the charter renewal at their December 14th, 2005 meeting.

State Board members applauded the school's performance noting that it is has achieved adequate yearly progress for the past two years. According to one board member, what made this accomplishment especially notable was the fact that the Tongass School has exceeded state standards while serving a diverse population of students. When asked how the school accomplished this, Academic Policy President John Hill responded "By doing our best". One Board member commented that they would have gladly approved the charter for more than the five years requested based on the school's performance. State Board President Richard Mauer said "You can consider that quite an 'atta boy'".

The Tongass School of Arts and Sciences, operating since 2003, is one of two elementary public charter schools in Ketchikan. Its education program uses integrated thematic instruction with a curriculum that emphasizes arts and science themes tied to state content and skill standards. Karla Miller is the principal.



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