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A Wonderland Production
Photo By Carl Thompson


March 14, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - Alice in Wonderland, performed by The Houghtaling Elementary Drama Club Wednesday evening, was directed by Sherry Henrickson and Elizabeth Nelson. Sherry Henrickson also choreographed the play.

jpg Alice in Wonderland

Sherry Henrickson and Elizabeth Nelson are applauded
by the cast at the end of the performance Wednesday.

Photo by Carl Thompson
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The cast:

Alice(s): Bethany Clay; Sarah Fitzgerald; Sami Wright; Zoe Smith

Cheshire Cat: Jena Luhrs
White Rabit: Austin Battin
Caterpillar: Sever Gilmartin
Frog Footman: Orlando Garcia
Duchess: Erika Wiberg
Cook: Wookie Tacker
Queen of Hearts: Elyzabeth Cambell
King: Justin Oster
Knave: Sarah Gucker
Heart Children: Felicia Ruaro; Alyssa Jackson; Kathryn Garcia; Katherine Carle
Mad Hatter: Keelan Halvorsen
March Hare: Taylor Bartholomew
Dormouse: Tommy Varela
Tweedledum: Alex Daniels
Tweedledee: Tristan Weis
Humpty Dumpty: Carly Cousins
Mock Turtle: Madie Robinson
Gryphon: Catey Mendoze
Soldier 1: Tyler Bailly
Executioner: Tre Weis
Gardeners: Sierra Marsden; Aurora Prutsman; Katelyn Ross
Flower Girls: Jena Arriola; Abby Daniels; Elizabeth Taylor; Alexis Morrison; Ashley Straight

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