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RFP for "Telling Alaska's Story" Campaign Released


March 11, 2006

The office of Governor Frank H. Murkowski is soliciting proposals to gather baseline information to begin work on a national public relations campaign to tell Alaska's story to the nation.

The effort is the first step in the governor's proposed national education campaign announced during his State of the State Address in January. The request for proposals was posted on the state's online public notice system Friday.

"As events of the last year have demonstrated, the nation's view of Alaska is distorted," said Murkowski. "The recent congressional debate about ANWR and the ill-informed 'bridges to nowhere' campaign demonstrate the lack of understanding many hold about our young, unique state."

The RFP, for an amount not to exceed $150,000, seeks to establish a factual basis concerning Lower 48 attitudes toward Alaska. Analysis from the RFP will help the state focus a potential outreach campaign that most effectively influences public opinion about issues important to the economic and social well being of Alaska.

Once the research results are available, the governor's office will consult with the Congressional Delegation and the Alaska Legislature before determining the cost and scope of work of a national campaign.

"Our goal is simply to share our story," said the governor. "Alaska has living conditions many would not fathom and challenges of distance and geography that most could not conceive. But despite its challenges, Alaska has a great capacity to give to our nation through our resources, whether oil, gas, minerals or the potential of our people. This effort simply represents a dialogue with America about Alaska - and about how we can contribute to the nation."

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