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Sea Anenome
Photos By Jodi Muzzana


March 07, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - Amazing and beautiful animals can be seen during low tides at Buggy Beach, one just simply has to take the time to look.

The Sea Anenome looks like a plant, but is actually a meat eating animal. These creatures use their stinging tentacles to catch small animals, such as fish. They then close up and force the small animal into their mouth which is located in the center.

jpg Sea Anenome

Photo By Jodi Muzzana

Sea Anenomes come in several different colors, mostly in browns and greens, but photographer Jodi Muzzana said she saw a pink one here last year.They attach themselves to rocks, and some are attached in sand . When the water gets too low they close up until the water returns.

jpg close up of Sea Anenome

Photo By Jodi Muzzana

jpg Green Sea Anenome

Photo By Jodi Muzzana


Jodi Muzzana ©2006


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