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Possible Scams Under Investigation
Ketchikan businesses cautioned to be alert


March 01, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - Ketchikan businesses are cautioned by the Ketchikan Police Department to be alert for a possible scam artist in the area.



Deputy Police Chief John Maki said, "A woman, appearing to be in her 40's, has approached several jewelry stores with merchandise she claims to have purchased and wants to return for cash. In one case, the jewelry was the same brand and design as that carried by the store. After examination by one alert store employee and identifying the merchandise as not being from the store, the woman was confronted. She left the store, leaving the jewelry behind. Other jewelry stores report the same activity by this woman. "

The woman is described as about 5-4, with blond hair and wearing heavy makeup. She drives a small blue Ford vehicle said Maki.

"Reportedly a woman matching the same description is entering area restaurants and claiming that a meal she purchased there caused her food poisoning. As a kind gesture, and maybe to keep her from thinking about suing, the restaurants give her gift certificates. She has collected from several restaurants in this way," said Maki.

The Ketchikan Police Department requests any information on this woman, or any suspicious activity where a legitimacy of a transaction is questioned, be reported to 225-6631 or Crime-Stoppers at 225-CLUE.


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