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Democrat majority in 06?
By Mike Isaac


March 31, 2006
Friday PM

Breaking the law, a new Conservative value could lead to a Democrat majority in 06.

Jobs Americans won't do, that is their excuse for their lawless, anti American actions. These business owners are the true terrorist in this country, destroying America one job at a time. The truth is there is no job an American won't do if paid a fair wage. The 20 million illegals that George Bush and Ted Kennedy want to give amnesty to are why we have low wages in many jobs in this country. The US Senate is another reason.

After the House passed HR4437, although not perfect, the bill had some very good ideas in it like a 700 mile fence and a law letting county sheriffs from San Diego to Brownsville act as border patrol. That bill was sent to the Senate where it has been turned into a bill that will bring a smile to Bush and his big business buddies in the Southwest that hire illegals at $5.00 a hour and write big checks to open border Senators like John McCain and Ted Kennedy.

Before this bill gets to the President's desk it must go back to the House for another vote where many of the Republican house reps in the western US will get voted out of office this fall if they vote for a bill that has any aspect of amnesty in it. That is the talk on talk radio throughout the southwest and it is likely true. The time has come to punish these traders that put commerce before country and if it leads to Democrats running things in the house for a couple of years it just may be worth it if it wakes up the Republicans in time for the 08 elections where a lot is at stake.

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Mike Isaac
Crestline, CA - USA

About: Former Ketchikan resident from 1993 to 2002.



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