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Child abuse: Weak reply
By A.M. Johnson


March 31, 2006
Friday PM

Senator Elton responded "We raised the penalty first from not more than 30 years to not more than 40 years and then to 99 years."

My instant reply to Sentator Elton:

Senator: Fine, Maximums sound well and good ,however you do not report the minimum. Jessica's law genesis is mandatory minimum of 25 years first offense. In Jessica's Law core is no lee way for the sitting judges to weasel with attorneys on plea bargains. The mandatory sentence is fixed by law with no negotiations. Now what say you?

No response at this time from either Representative Elkins, or Kohring.

Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: A.M.Johnson writes, "I support a clearly defined harsh penalty towards predators of child abuse being delt with harshly."


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