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Open Letter to Senator Elton
By A.M. Johnson


March 29, 2006

Your column on the Fast Ferry and the Governor's Jet was a very complete article. You obviously have put some time and effort into this acquiring all the data and comparison factors.

I wonder Senator, as I watch Bill O'Reilly this evening, why Alaska has stalled establishing an Alaskan format of Jessica's Law. It would seem similar volumes of data and statistics exist, like those gathered to create your article on the jet/ferry, to reflect a fair portion of Child abusers being let off with little pain or penalty for their heinous crime{s}

According to this evening's O'Reilly program, Alaska is among those few remaining states that is struggling with addressing serious consequences for child abuse.

Is O'Reilly correct in his dissertation that defense lawyers and sitting judges (former attorneys) are the stonewall to such a law being established? If there is such legislation working through the esteem halls of our legislature, could you provide a time line of such legislation beginning and status to date?

As you see, I have copied two Representatives [Elkins/Kohring] with the expectation that if the log jam is in the House they will provide similar response to the question posed. At some point earlier in the session, I was advised that some similar effort to mimic Jessica's Law content.

Physical child abuse is a tragic that demands, demands quick and serious action to established a 25 year without parole for first time conviction. Say what you?

If you would, all, please be as bold with posting the status to child abuse on Sitnews.

Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: A.M.Johnson is a life long resident of Ketchikan. He writes, "Will be interesting to see the objections to such a law for our Alaskan children. We will do anything for our children except change adult perceived needs."


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