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Cost of expansion?
By Robert McRoberts


March 25, 2006

We have no problem finding things on which to opine. Some things don't mater to any one but the ones who write them. Some matter to every one living here.

I would like to give you my opinion on this expansion issue ahead of us. My comments are based on what I understand about this. What I don't understand about this and would like to know is who is pushing this expansion to grab 1.2 million dollars or what ever it is? Who ever it is seems like a greedy fool. $1.2 million is just 6 nice houses in our community. Not much when you look at the large picture of cost.

Are we going take over land where we're not liked much as a community then be responsible for fire protection to Myers Chuck and emergency evacuation sites such as helicopter pads and docks? What about transportation for the tax man to keep up on development building site permits and so on?

It's going to happen just as we were forced to buy all this top of the line fire protection stuff here. Plus I heard Bush was trying to do away with the timber receipts.

I say we need to get rid of the foolish people that think taking care of more is going to cost the same for such a little prize of $1.2 million. I know you all can come up with many more ways this is going to cost us. This is just a foolish power trip we don't need.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Robert McRoberts moved to Ketchikan at the age of 9. He has been involved with logging and construction. He owns & operates a local business.


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