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After living in Ketchikan...
By Rob Glenn


March 25, 2006

So Don Hoff has created a stir amongst Ketchikan's proud.

Don nor I live in Ketchikan any longer and being out of Ketchikan it enables us to see things from a little different view.

I lived there, Don lived there so you can bash us for getting out but we as well as you still have a voice. We are not some cruise ship passenger or person who has never been speaking up.

So, let's look at the bridge.

The entire country except for those in Ketchikan (and there are quite a few there) who think the bridge is stupid. What is amazing now living here in the lower 48 is that the one huge thing the articles never report to americans is that Ketchikan is on an island with no way to get to the mainland other than the ferry or plane.

One writter said he would like to have more than the 31 miles of road. How much more road to drive on will there be on Gravina Island? Is there not a ton more road to drive if you could just drive to the rest of the continent? Oh and if that was not enough through our continent, you could drive straight down to South America.

Frankly, after living in Ketchikan, I feel that my tax payer money should go to something a lot more necessary then that bridge who people claim with create growth. That is like Bush saying Iraq has weapons on mass destruction. Sounds good but is it really going to help? Maybe create jobs when the bridge is being built. But who will maintain this bridge, ketchikan resident? How easy is it for people to just up and move to Ketchikan? Not real easy.

I am not opposed to Ketchikan trying to expand, to better it life to it citizens, but use the money in a much more necessary way.

This dock issue. Ok, you want it what ever, but does anyone remember what it is like trying to get through town when over 15000 passengers are in? And now you want to add more? The claim that 100,000 less passengers are going to be in Ketchikan this year is made by who? I dont understand why there would be less passengers. All made it last year, they cant this year? I dont get it. I left Ketchikan this past October and to me the only thing that hurts the tourist shops in Ketchikan is how many there are. How many jewerly shops are there and all right next to each other. Maybe sales would be better if there were less shops. Less places to shop, more likely your shop would make more money. And then add to that, the next day they go to Sitka or Juneau and guess what shops are there? The same they saw in Ketchikan. Or they will be seeing in Ketchikan in the following days.
Tourist shops you want to make more money, have less competitors and something different to buy.

So if you would like to bash Don or myself go ahead. What ever because it really begins to show what some in Ketchikan are made of. Instead of Don coming back to Ketchikan, maybe some should visit out of Ketchikan to see what the rest of the country has to offer. Maybe learn something. It is ok to defend where you live, nothing wrong with being proud. But if an idea like a bridge has been ongoing for 30 years and still not being built maybe there is a reason to stop beating the dead horse.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY - USA

About: Rob lived in Ketchikan 3 years and moved there because his father was dying of cancer.



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