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City Park Needs Attention
By Pat Sunde


March 25, 2006

I moved to Ketchikan in May of 1985. Worked for Bill Tatsuda until I retired in 1994. I have lived at the same address for almost 21 years and enjoyed being so close to the (then) beautiful Whale Park.

What is wrong with the so-called City Fathers to let this park become LOST. They want to do everything for the tourists and yet they have let the park go WILD for the past three years. Have they ever taken into consideration how many pictures are taken every year, and brought back showing how badly our parks are maintained?

Since the City and Borough are constantly wanting our tax money wouldn't it be nice to do something with some of the money for the appreciation of the people who live here year round. What do they have in mind? When it is so bad and it cannot be repaired will they say, "Oh well, we can just black top the park and have more downtown parking"? Tourists nor locals want or need any more parking, some beauty would be nice again.

I have discussed this with several people and they all agree but know the people in control have no interest in the park. Even the clock is not showing the correct time.

Thank You,

Pat Sunde
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Pat Sunde writes, "I have no expertise but I do remember how lovely the park was under Mary Ann Reese's care and the wonderful comments made by the tourists, as I offered to take their pictures with the park as a background.


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