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Take pride in KETCHIKAN
By Jerry Cegelske  


March 25, 2006

I would like to thank all the groups and individuals that take the time to help keep Ketchikan a cleaner place to live than it would be without their efforts and dedication.  Frequently they do their work unnoticed by many of us until it dawns on us that the trash we saw in the ditch last week is now gone, or we see the yellow bags along the road!
"Thanks" to the group that cleaned up South Tongass from Forest Park to the Coast Guard base a few weeks ago.  They didn't even leave the bags along the road but chose to take them to the landfill themselves.  They contacted me and asked for more bags for the next time!  Wish there wasn't a need for "the next time"!
Spring cleanup week is fast approaching, but you don't need to wait that long.  Take the time to clean up the yard (and ditches while you're at it) and take it, all the trash and junk household items you have been thinking about getting rid of to the landfill.  They charge for very few items from residential property.
The 2006 Ketchikan Road Trash Tour is starting at 9:00 am, Saturday, April 15 at the pullout at Mile 15.3 North Tongass Highway.  We will focus on cleaning up nine different areas on North Tongass.  We will then move to Revilla Road to clean up all that the inconsiderate slobs have left for us to remove after the last cleanup.
The kind managers of the local businesses have donated food and drinks for a hamburger- hot dog barbeque at the Ward Lake shelter for cleanup participants after the areas get cleaned up.  I greatly appreciate their generosity.
Many of the people that helped clean Revilla Road last year had fun and the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts in a cleaner Ketchikan.  It was amazing how much trash was collected by a group of dedicated people. The Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Ketchikan Youth Court did a fantastic job in their area!  I especially enjoyed the fact that a little girl asked her mother to come to the cleanup and they spent several hours together picking up trash.  A nice inspiration as several people commented on their work. 
Please consider joining us- you will have fun with your kids, friends, meet new friends and get some exercise along with a sense of a job well done. 

Jerry Cegelske
Ketchikan, AK - USA  
About: Jerry Cegelske is the Ketchikan Borough Code Enforcement Officer and is attempting to work with residents to clean up 100 years of accumulated trash and junk scattered around the Borough.



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