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KAYHI Football
By Richard Cropp


March 23, 2006

To all the Coaches and Players of the KAYHI Kings and KYFL,

It might not be getting much warmer up in Ketchikan, but here in Georgia spring is in the air. In every school in the state weight rooms are crowded with the young men that will do battle on the football field this fall.

I just wanted to let you all know I am thinking about you and hoping that you are doing the things necessary to have a great season this year. If yopu can find it, pull out your creed and read it. Your preparation should be started with being a good son, being a good citizen, and being a good student. Most will remember the great promise of last season and all that we had to overcome. Our season got off to a bad start just with the players we lost due to grades. You are all coming up on the last semester to make a difference and determine you eligibility for the upcoming season.

I almost hate to mention names for fear of forgetting someone, but the team needs to be led by players. I hope the team can count on Chris, Bryce, Patrick, Sam (you know you want to play), Kenny, Ryan, and Ty. PLEASE, PLEASE forgive me if I forgot anyone. OOOOPPPPS, almost forgot Chet, sorry Chet!!! I hope we get to see Trevor and Laramie and Little Bill on the field next year as well. Adding another Ashcraft to the roster definately won't hurt and I can see Phillip running at wing or playing corner on defense.

Well I have to get back to work. I just wanted to let you all know that I was thinking about King's Football.

Of course hey to Blaine, Robin, and Shawn.


Richard Cropp
Brunswick, GA - USA

About: Prior Kethcikan resident and assistant coach with the KAYHI Kings



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