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Looking for information
By Laureen Curtner


March 23, 2006

My Grandparents were both 100% Norweign. My Grandfather Casper Harvold went to Petersburg in 1909. He owned his own vessel. Something happned, a very bad accident - a fire. Grandpa left Petersburg in 1912 - settled in Washington state. Met my Grandmother Inga - words were never spoken of this. Grandfather passed away at the age of 84, I was 10 years old. He was a remarkable craftsman & a very profitable Berry Farmer - my Uncle still runs the farm in Carnation Washington - Harvold's Berry farm. At any rate when I told my Grandmother I was moving to Wrangell in 1985...she said NO... you'll die???? This is how I came to learn of my Grandfather's early years in America. He traveled with Sen. Jackson's father.

If anyone knows anything about this bit of history, my Mother and I would appreciate it. We have searched and made calls... to no avail. I am very proud to be of this decent. We were taught at a young age - be clean - work for what you want or need and never rely on anyone to take care of you. We were a very close knit bunch.


Laureen Curtner
E-mail: laureen.sblog(at)
Wrangell, AK - USA

About: Laureen Curtner has been a resident of Wrangell since 1985.



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