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Enough Government Regulation
By Janice Norman


March 23, 2006

I just read the letters from Kara McElroy Steele, Samantha Sizemore, and Ken Lewis regarding drugs and its usage. I see valuable points in all of their statements. My thought about government regulation is that the government shouldn't do anymore than they are already.

The government controls are creeping into our everyday lives and even affecting what we do on our own property. For instance, I heard recently on a local radio talk show that a city in California voted to have cigarette smoking banned to the point that a person couldn't stand out on their own balcony and smoke. If they had a neighbor that saw them smoking outside (on their own property mind you!), the neighbor could call law enforcement and report the offender and the offender could pay a fine of $500 for smoking on their own property. Ya, I realize that smoking isn't good for the body and that studies have shown second hand smoke to cause cancer; but, we're talking about someone who is on their own property.

Next, people will be pushing to have alcohol banned altoghter and if a person gets caught drinking a beer out on their own balcony, he'll suffer a great penalty for that too. Imagine that! What would be next?

Do we really want to encourage more government control? I don't want to see my taxes increased so that we can hire more police persons who would be wasting their time on petty stuff when they have better things to do. As for the role models: I believe that as the role models (for example, musicians) degrade in their behavior and talk, we see our public degrading in their behavior and talk. However, I see the behavior degrading in all ages. Our society is becoming de-sensitized to violence and morally wrong actions; I just wonder what society will be like in 2025?

Janice Norman
Wasilla,AK - USA

About: Janice Norman is a mom with two teenage sons. She writes, "I was a typical teenager of the 70's who did some experimenting of her own and decided as an adult that drug usage wasn't for me. I have adult acquaintances that use drugs on a recreational basis. I agree that young people tend to watch or hear certain figures and model themselves after these people, whether for good or bad."


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