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Support port improvement project with a Yes vote
By Chris Herby


March 23, 2006

I want to make a few comments regarding the upcoming dock bond proposition on April 11th. Over the last few years the issue of port renovation or expansion has been a fairly divisive issue in our community. I m sure it has been one of the most difficult issues our city council has ever had to deal with.

It is now time for our community to unite for the common good and support this port improvement project with a Yes vote on April 11th. I am a business owner and property owner but I am not in the tourism business and do not own any property in the Newtown area. Nevertheless, as a business owner I recognize the importance of a healthy economy in Ketchikan. It is so important that we support the tourism industry as it is vital to a healthy economy in Ketchikan.

I opposed the last dock bond vote and voted No. I opposed it primarily because it was too much money and I felt the expansion was in the wrong location. This time I fully support it because it is only about half as much money and I realize that it will be in the proposed location or nowhere. Nowhere is not an option that we can afford. This project is vital to our economic future and I ask that everyone who wants a bright future for Ketchikan please get out and vote Yes on April 11th.


Chris J. Herby
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Chris J. Herby writes he is "A 25 year Ketchikan residnet and business owner who wants a healthy economy in Ketchikan".




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