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After Katrina
By Virginia E. Atkinson


March 21, 2006
Tuesday PM

After half-a-year New Orleans still looks like it was hit yesterday. You see what happens when some people are too dependant on the government to do things for them. If you people didn't rely on the government your property would have been cleared long ago. You people of New Orleans should have done the job yourself after the floodwaters were drained out.

People of New Orleans, nothing against you folks, but there comes a time when you people will have to stand up for yourself, it's your State, it's your property that's been damaged, if you want something done, sometimes you have to do it yourself, don't always depend on Local, State or Federal government to get things done, sometimes you have to do it yourself. If you are able-bodied, and you have two legs to walk on you are able to accomplish the task yourself, don't just sit there waiting for a miracle to happen, YOU have to make it happen yourself. The government can only do so much and the rest is up to each of you, don't expect the government to "hold your hand" all the way through this unfortunate ordeal you folks have been through.

The Gulf Coast is only three months away from another stressful hurricane season, each person has plenty of time to prepare and make plans of what to do and where to go, don't let 'being poor' be an excuse and hold you back 'cause you don't have transportation'. Hurricanes usually take a few days to reach its target, so what's the excuse of not getting out of harms way that may seriously injure or kill you or your relatives. If anyone decides to stay behind and weather the storm then that person has no reason to be blaming anyone for what happens to them.

Everyone along the Gulf Coast had six months to prepare and make disaster plans, don't just sit there and wait 'til someone tells you what to do, you folks lived in hurricane territory all your life, don't act like the next storm is a big surprise, and then looking for someone else to blame, 'cause you have more excuses to stay home than to evacuate.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA

About: Long time resident of Metlakatla.



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