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Waterfront Storage Development
By Neil Gray


March 21, 2006
Tuesday PM

First: It's refreshing to see the conversations get away from "The Bridge" and into another exciting topic.

I'm referring to the pesentation by David Hauk of Ketchikan Packing LLC before the Ketchikan Chamber Of Commerce. I think Terry Wanzer described the past, present, and future very well. I'd recommend giving this Waterfront Storage idea a chance to work.

I'm very familiar with the Astoria, OR project. While living in Ilwaco, WA, just across the Columbia River from Astoria, I worked for KVAS Radio in Astoria. The similarities between Ketchikan and Astoria are so close it's scary. Both have fishing and timber backgrounds, and are looking toward tourism to bolster the economy. The cannery project Mr. Hauk accomplished in Astoria was quite a feat. And I strongly feel something like that would work in Ketchikan.

Times change. Communities have to change with them, or you get lost in the shuffle. Do it the right, planned way, and the community will reap the benefits. You have to proceed with an open mind with a vision to the future.

A Waterfront Storage development in Ketchikan could be a tool to showcase the history and heritage of the community. There are other communities all over the Northwest who have had to get rid of their tunnel vision and look to the future in order to survive. Alaska has an uncanny charm to thousands of Lower 48 travelers. Why not showcase Ketchikan to them?

Sorry, Don Hoff, I don't share your no-change vision. In this day and age towns cannot remain dormant in change or live in the past. Preserve that past in some way, while at the same time you move ahead toward the future.

Community leaders and community residents need to realize we are beyond the 1950's, '60's, '70's, etc. This is 2006. And, we're NOT going to go back. We'd all like it to remain "as it was." We can't do it and survive. I doubt there is any place in this country that is
fluent economically by living in the Twilight Zone of the past. Unless of course, that's the way it is in Hixson, Tennessee.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

P.S. If I have offended any of my Ketchikan friends, I'm sorry. But since leaving Ketchikan 14 years ago I've been in communities that had to "bite the bullet" to survive. And they are doing quite well.

About: Ex-21 year resident of Ketchikan. Still Alaskan at heart.

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