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By Frances Natkong


March 21, 2006
Tuesday PM

Once again we are here to implore Klukwan, Inc. to stop the spraying on Long Island. As one native village to another, you DO realize the importance of subsistence foods and the native way of life or are you to citified to care about the importance of our way of life?

It's so sad because I believe they DO realize what the spraying means to the Haida's and everyone who lives near Long Island and gathers subsistence foods on and around the Island.

Now what I would like to know is this: Where is Sealaska in all this? They own the subsurface rights to Long Island, why aren't they behind us on the fight against the aerial spraying? Answer: They are sitting back and watching to see what happens so they can do the same thing. It's not right!!

I would ask that all Klukwan, Inc, shareholders petition their board to stop the spraying and for all Sealaska shareholders to write to Sealaska asking them to support our fight against the spraying of pesticides on Long Island. Why, why, why do they persist when they know (they meaning the Klukwan Board of Directors) it's totally wrong to desecrate sacred ground and our land and the sea is precious to us as well as the wildlife on the island.

Again, I implore Klukwan, Inc. to stop and think about what will happen should they choose to spray poison in our back yard or anywhere for that matter. We know they own the land there but we lived, hunted, fished on the land long before they became a reality.

JUST STOP THE SPRAYING PLEASE! Not only for us but for future generations to come. Rob Sanderson was right on the money when he said it would generate jobs, thank you Rob. As we all know it takes money to make money but what Klukwan is attempting to do goes against everything we believe in. Step back and please stop before it's too late.


Frances Natkong
Hydaburg, AK - USA

About: Life long resident of Hydaburg with deep concerns about anything to do with Hydaburg and the Haidas.


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