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Some make the right choices
By Cynthia Grant


March 20, 2006

I have read with interest for the past week as to everyone's opinion of the drug problem, teen pregnancy and our troubled youth. To some this maybe a rambling, but I am tired of people blaming those around them for whatever they do. I should blame everyone for the mistakes I have done but I don't, in fact I refused to be a victim.

I grew up in a troubled home and made some good and some poor choices. Nowhere in my early years can I remember either of my parents in the same room for more then five minutes. There was no adult in my life that I could count on. I, between 14 and 17, experimented with some drugs but hated the way it made me feel. I started smoking cigarettes at 14 and in Nov of 2004 I quit. I got really drunk once at the age of 16 and did something really stupid. That was the last time I drank that much. No I have never had a DUI nor have I ever drank then drove. I didn't even get a license to drive until I was almost 21 and even then my parents weren't the ones to teach me to drive but friends did. When I was 15, I became a teen parent and by 19 I had two more.

Should I blame my horrific childhood or society? I struggled to make the best choices for my children. Yes I lived on welfare but at the same time I tried to complete high school and work. I am forever grateful for the programs that were there to help me. I did get my High School Diploma three months before my oldest son started Kindergarten. I am proud of some of my choices and learned from my mistakes. I am now 29 years old and a productive member of society.

Ms Steele I have to agree with Ms Sizemore about D.A.R.E. while it may deter some from using, several people that I know used it as a tool to hide their drug use. Whether you're a teenager or an adult, you can have a problem with drugs legal or illegal.

Everyone has a theory on why there are so many troubled youth and who to blame. Every one of us can blame somebody else, but it comes down to we all have choices. We all make mistakes, and yes we can learn from them. Some are more prevalent and out in the open then others.

I have discovered since moving to this town in 2003, that it appears many people are addicted to either meth, prescription drugs, alcohol and other illegal drugs. In my family alone I know of three that have problems with addiction. I have heard the excuses (some are just ridiculous) and seen the damage. Should illegal drugs be legalized? That question has been asked a couple of times this week. Why would they be legalized when even some everyday stuff is used to get high? There are kids and adults out there that are making the right choices, despite whatever is wrong in their life.

Cynthia Grant
Ketchikan, AK - USA



About: Cynthia Grant writes she's an "Active parent of 3 children, who has been there and learned from mistakes".




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