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By Alan Lidstone


March 20, 2006

The Administration and its friends in Congress continue to support and endorse their "Thou Shalt Steal" Commandment.

The NY Times reported today that the Congress with the help of the lobbyists continues to steal from the working and give to the rich as shown in the following excerpts of the article:

"The agency s report projects that the House and Senate bills would lower corporate contributions to the already underfinanced pension system by $140 billion to $160 billion in the next three years.

That shortfall raises the specter of more pension plans failing, pushing their liabilities on to the government, according to the agency and critics of the bills. And some companies with fully financed pensions feel unfairly penalized by having to pay higher pension premiums to make up for others shortfalls".

While the theft was perpetrated by Congress, I've heard no outcry or threat of veto from the White House, so the Administration must be satisfied from the latest transfer of assets from working Americans to rich Americans.

The only conclusion that I can draw is that far too many Members of Congress continue rely on lobbyists and high rolling contributors and ignore their oath to support the Constitution and represent their constituents.

While working and middle-class Americans work, pay taxes, and go to war, Congress and the Administration now look to steal their pensions since they were unsuccessful in stealing their Social Security.

It all reminds me of a quote from the McCarthy hearings: "SIR, HAVE YOU NO SHAME"? Apparently not.

Alan Lidstone
Veince, FL - USA

About: Alan Lidstone is retired. He is one of the publishers, writers and editors of RV Lifestyle.



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