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By Bill Ayers


March 19, 2006

I've lived here since '66. Mr. Hoff Jr. used to pick on me and my friends on Woodland Ave., since he doesn't live here any more, why has he gained national recognition? Because he's a squeaky wheel? He may have knowledge of SOME facts, but he lives in Tennessee, not KETCHIKAN, ALASKA, and has not lived here for many years!

A lot of local people that STILL live here think that the bridge will be a beginning of things to come. I've always wanted more roads to drive on. More than the 38 miles or so that we have. Maybe this will open up a road (to the many logging roads that cross the island, yet inaccessible) to go to somewhere, even if it is only to a different campground. Maybe to a road to the mainland. Why, Oh Why are you so against this government spending in our area? You came from here, and then left. If you left, giving this all up, then why cause all this problem for us that grew up here, and still live here?

If you care so much, then move back up here. Claim your residency. I think that if you don't live here, you don't have a voice here, and I'm tired of hearing an outsider's opinion (even if you lived here before. YOU MOVED AWAY!)

Sincerely, Ketchikan Resident

Bill Ayers
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Bill Ayers first moved to Ketchikan in 1966.



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