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Government Secrets
By Virginia E. Atkinson


March 18, 2006

Someone mention awhile back that the government is too secretive, well now, let me see, what kind of secrets does the general public have to know? And if we ever find out their secrets, how will we handle it? Get paranoid like we did when we found out about the Port deal? The government keeps secrets for a reason. If the government were to reveal secrets, chances are they would give out secrets that would definitely jeopardize our National Security. Giving out secrets would also mean revealing secrets to our enemies here at home and abroad. No, I don't think we need to know everything the government are doing, the more secrets we know, the more frustrated out of our minds we'll get. The less the general public knows the better, besides, if the public knew what our government is doing, we'd probably won't agree with it, anyway, and that would only make their job harder to deal with.

Top secret means top secret, and we don't HAVE to know everything. Or shall I put it this way, the government will inform the public when the time is right, if they need to. So, we must go on with life, and not worry about something that may never happen. And you know, worrying too much can be stressful, and 'stress' can kill, sooner or later.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, Alaska

About: Virginia E. Atkinson is a long time resident of Metlakatla, AK.



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