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Imposing Democracy and Peace via Pre-Emptive Wars?
By Stanley Arcieri


March 18, 2006

Democracy is a critical factor but is absolutely not the primary issue in the Middle East. The real issue is how we attain our goals or Means and Ends. Aside from appropriate military solutions, we've been missing the simple political facts. Respectfully sowing and reaping goodwill produces positive results. Sowing and reaping hatred via pre-emptive war has already produced instability, suffering, torture and death. The further apart our means are from our ends, the closer we move to creating yet more chaos. Pre-emptive war has already reaped catastrophic consequences for us. If we foolishly persist on this course, we will continue to reap failure and further erode our security and values as a nation.

Stanley Arcieri
Mill Valley, CA - USA

About: Stanley Arcieri writes as a concerned citizen.



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