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Past memories
By Gene Allen


March 15, 2006

In my childhood back in 50's I used to live on Stedman street. As for the radio tower, me and my friend used to climb those stairs and play in the grass and have fun. And one day I noticed a window opened and peeked inside and saw a man with a plastic and wooden arm and he was talking into a microphone. I did this a lot of times hiding from him but he finally caught me and we talked. After awhile all my friends hung out at that open window and we all talked to him. I always wondered what his name was and if you can help me please do.

In the 60's after they moved to downtown, KTKN had this thing they did during their program called "Nite Watch" and you had to guess who the band was while they were playing the song and I won - the artists "The Byrds" and the song was "Eight miles High". It was called name it and claim it.

Peace to all from that era.

Gene Allen
E-mail: alaskadj(at)
Federal Way, WA - USA

About: Gene Allen is a former resident of Ketchikan.



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