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What is our civilization coming to?
By Donna Peterson


March 15, 2006

To all this may concern....

On the 6th and 23rd day of February 2006 I was falsely arrested and taken to jail for violation of conditions of release. This was on a case that had already been closed with the court.

On the 7th day of February I was escorted to the court house in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs. This was quite embarrassing for me to be seen like this in public considering the fact that this was a false arrest/charge! You could only imagine the wrong idea the people got about me that were sitting in the court room that day. They didn't know that I shouldn't have even been there. They must have thought that I was really in trouble for committing the crime of which I was accused.

On the 23rd day of February 2006 I was again, falsely arrested on the same alleged charge! BUT... This time I did not have to be escorted to the court house! Reason being.... The magistrate that went to work on Friday February 24th saw that I was in jail again for the same charge and ordered the jail to release me at approximately 10 am. I was then told to go into court at 1 pm that same day to sit in front of the judge again. Even though I was not sitting in a jumpsuit and handcuffs, this was still quite embarrassing for me.

Both times I was apprehended the arresting officer did not read me my rights! Both times I sat in front of the judge I was not asked if I would like to speak to an attorney. The state just wanted to drop the case and let me go with no questions asked.

I just want to state one more time how embarrassing this was for me. Both times I was approached by the arresting officers I was sitting with friends in a public place where people know of me.

I want to be heard on this... I want people to know what happened! What happened to being innocent until proven guilty by the court of law?! I was guilty until proven innocent!!

Through all the embarrassment, I also suffered lost wages.

I did not even receive a written letter of apology from the city of Ketchikan or the Ketchikan Police Department.... What is our civilization coming to?

Upset and Embarrassed,

Donna Peterson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Donna Peterson is a resident of Ketchikan trying to make an honest living.


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