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Give respect a better chance to work
By Bill Thomas Sr.


March 15, 2006

Dear Sitnews,

Recently there has been what I consider real quality dialog on topics that mean something to some and something else to others.

I am writing this to declare my agreement with Ms. Christine Lewis assessment of single teenage parenthood. I'm not saying that I encourage this but it does happen and it does not discriminate. It doesn't matter your economic standard, ethnicity, religious preference, social standard or IQ. It just happens and it has happened as far back as history can take you.

Some consider it a disgrace especially if it did not happen to them. Some consider it a blessing for their own reasons. Some are accepted by society when others aren't as fortunate. Every person is an individual. Which means there is only one you and one me. None of us were born as a judge nor have we been given the authority to judge another human for the choices and/or mistakes they make. We are all guilty of one of those categories.

I feel we have a responsibility to either mind our own business about this topic or make moves that will encourage or enhance the environment and opportunities to both the single parent and child. Most mistakes can be and are hidden. Not all teenage pregnancies of a single person is a mistake.

The nature of humans is to make sure they feel a step above another person regardless. Criticism and condemnation are the two easiest and most popular ones I know of. I don't claim to be immune of either of those.

In my assessment, society dictates the varied behavior and choices that individuals make. We are all part of the society I speak of.

In conclusion, our constitution guarantees our right to think and express our views. I will always support that. I can't say I will agree with all that I see and hear.

Let us help those that need and want help and leave those that are happier in molding their destiny do so. Let us give respect a better chance to work.


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Long time resident and with experience on this topic.




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