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Calling All Addicts
By George Miller


March 14, 2006

So what are you addicted to? All over this town the great majority of the humans are addicted to something, either openly, or secretly. You might be addicted to amphetamines, or alcohol, or marijuana, or pain medication prescribed by your doctor. You could be addicted to psychotropics, mood enhancers, uppers, downers, or various emotional smoother-outers and the proverbial mother's little helpers. Perhaps you love pre-eminence and power, or your own image in the mirror. The strength of your personal portfolio might keep you feeling warmly drugged in a comfy ivory tower. Any addiction can be an idol, keeping us from facing our true need. It has been proven recently and locally that you can keep filling a prescription years past the end of the need of those powerful pain medications. Plus, some of those pills can be sold to abusers for a tidy sum of money, perhaps ending up in a teen-agers hand to be used to get high and possibly with a tragic outcome.

We are in a season of so-called scientific enlightenment, you know, better living through chemistry. Those who work with addicts will tell you it seems to be spinning into a crazy drug storm of RX to reduce the effects of the latest RX , which itself is prescribed to help the side-effects of the one you are on from the third drug layer under it, etc,,,,,,,. Of course those good old boys, or girls, who are just not on that low rung, will gather for toddies to bemoan the condition of this fair island town. Then go home to pop a sleeping pill to reduce the awake condition brought on by their anti-depressants. Both groups are equally in the dark.

We have a painful heart condition called separation from God. We will do most anything, or believe most anything to try and stop the pain, or the sense of abandonment, or rejection. We fill ourselves with noise, facts, busyness, belongings, community clout, some big crusade to save the trees, or stop a bridge, or chase younger, faster, lovers - til we drop over or wear out having not found the answer for our emptiness.

Does pleasure have your undivided attention? Do facts and figures or rational explanations really ring your bell? Do you believe any of the distractions mentioned here will displace the true condition of your heart. Many of us walk about thinking we are not seen through our masks. A friend once told me we are all wearing old-fashioned long-johns. We all have our rear flap down, and we chortle over their flap , not realizing ours is also down, our blessed assurance hanging right out there for all to see.

We need a savior. He is JESUS. Anything else is a very temporary, paper-thin, band-aid. It is not some warm fuzzy therapy group that will get you there. The heady advice of super educated behavior modifiers will keep you insulated from the highest truth, sounding so good to itchy ears. The personification of the truth is Jesus. He is our healer, and our forgiver. He is our restorer and our life giver. He is our provider and our peace. He desires to fill us to a place over joy overflowing.

Calling all addicts!

Come to Jesus and discover there really is "No high like the most high".

George Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: George Miller is pastor of Good News Fellowship, and he draws pay as a substance abuse counselor here in Ketchikan.



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