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Republican agenda
By Martha Leftwich


March 13, 2006

While the United States was still scratching their heads and wondering how any one proclaiming to be the President of the United States could be so lame to try and sell our Ports to a Country known to give support to terrorist, the one and only "Mr. Bush" was in India making a deal to permit U.S. companies to sell civilian nuclear power reactors and technology to India.

I wonder what his excuse will be when he is questioned about this, he can't say I didn't know about it, until I was told that it was a done deal as he did about the Ports, he can't put the blame on White House Assistants as was the case of the Port Deal, I wonder if he will tell those ignorant followers of his that God told him to do it and try and put the blame on God.

Tony Blair is now proclaiming to talk to God also, He is saying that God guided him to wage war on Iraq.

I wonder who God is talking to that is going to allow our Country to become so filled with Illegal aliens that Americans can't find work?

I wonder if God is telling them to spy on Americans? Gee I wonder what God is going to tell them do next? Will our young people be told that if they strap on bombs and go out and blow up Republican enemies they will become Martyrs?

Before you continue to believe in people just because they are of a Party you have always respected and affiliated yourself with, and or because they profess to be God fearing Christians, please take a look at what they are doing.

If it is because of their Faith Based policy, perhaps a few hours of rereading your Bible will make you think again, if it is because they are Republicans, perhaps a little trip back in History will change your mind.

This Administration is not following a Republican agenda, and it most certainly is not following a Christian leadership, it is following a path to Dictatorship.

Martha Leftwich
E-mail: weaver3000(at)
Weaver, AL - USA

About: Martha Leftwich writes, "I am a 70 year old Widow that lives in a small town in North East Alabama. I have always tried to keep up with what was happening with our Government, and have never failed to work to try and do what I could to keep as many people as I could informed of current affairs. I have seen a lot of Presidents and Administrations come and go in my lifetime but none has been as destructive as this one."



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