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 By David G. Hanger


March 09, 2006
Thursday PM

There is no crime more heinous than patricide or matricide.  Unfortunately, the law in Ketchikan cannot get it right, and two of these little cretins are walking among us today as I write this.  Why?  Because some cop has to lie to cajole a confession out of a minor, or because of some other screw-up.

We need prosecutors who can successfully prosecute and law officers properly trained so they don't screw up the chain of evidence.  Losing one such case is a disgrace.  Losing two is evidence of gross incompetence.  We need a new prosecutor locally, and whoever is training or managing these state troopers needs to be fired and replaced.  God help anyone and everyone who ends up associating in any way with these two little cretins that are free and walking among us today.  You are looking at the face of evil close up.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: David Hanger is a long time resident of Ketchikan.




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