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Insecure Americans
By Virginia E. Atkinson


March 08, 2006
Wednesday PM

Why are Americans so insecure these days? Everyone is so paranoid over everything that's going on in this country. If you people pay any attention to the news at all, Americans aren't even safe from our own people, open your eyes wider and see that most of the news is focused on our own kind. No one is safe walking down the streets in our own country, innocent people are getting shot in their own homes and by their own people, hit and run by a drunk driver, murder/suicides, and everyone is making such a big fuss over outsiders taking over seaports here in America. I'm trying to make sense of American's paranoid attitude but I can't. Because America is more terrorized by our own people than by outsiders, practically everyday, and no one seems concerned about that.

If you people realize how much the media focuses on all the bad things that happen, like I've always said before, that the media is doing more harm that good by focusing too much on bad news that happens in this country and abroad. The bad news the media airs everyday is a bad influence on people that are already a mental case, and only making matters worst for anyone that can easily be influenced by the media. To make matters even worst, the media over dramatizes every issue that comes along, watching the news now days is like watching a horror movie. It's no wonder some people are frightened out of their mind and always thinking negative thoughts about everything. You see it on the news everyday, people are being killed by 'our own' American citizens, yeah, that makes me feel a whole lot better.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA

About: Virginia E. Atkinson is a long time resident of Metlakatla, Alaska.



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