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By Charles Edwardson


March 07, 2006
Tuesday PM

I was told there is a school board meeting on Wednesday the 8th by a school board member. I appreciate the information. With all the contentious issues at the school in the past few weeks I would hope the general public will take an interest in what is being done to address the issues. I would like to share my thoughts at the meeting.

One of the most pressing issues to me is the renewal or non-renewal of the athletic directors position. It was not put on the agenda for the next regular meeting and I think it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

I can only assume that since it was not put on the agenda that the current administration is satisfied with the Athletic directors performance and this is a none issue to them, or contracts for public employees are not discussed in public, and input from the community is not required.

IF you are satisfied with the current program and in the Athletic department and enjoy participating in the events, agree with the changes that have been occurring at the high school then do not say a word. I for one am not, and a lot of people are complaining under their breath and whispering (there needs to be a change) but no one is saying these things publicly. I am tired of people saying "this program stinks, someone should do something" well no one is. And on March 12th the contract for the AD is up for renewal and all will be the same as it has been. So as the saying goes, if you do not vote do not complain.

I am thoroughly disappointed in the way the program has declined and that is just my opinion. I do not represent any group or club. And opinions are like "you know what" everyone has one - I just make mine known more publicly. I do not speak for anyone, I wish more people would do the same, speak up for yourself.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Charles Edwardson is a lifelong resident of Ketchikan and concerned about the direction of the athletic dept at KAYHI.


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