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By Lynne Miller


March 04, 2006
Saturday PM

I offer a HUGE thank you to each of the 38 teachers/LEADERS at Kayhi who initiated a process of "getting through" to each and every Kayhi athlete, boy and girl, that there is CONSEQUENCE for their actions/participation/complicity while traveling away from and representing Ketchikan. Parse out what you want about what happened, I have been tempted to do that as a parent myself in like situations in the past. But in my opinion it serves no parent and/or child any good to try to parse out levels of "responsibility" - it will only be when each and every Ketchikan student, coach, parent, paid administrative personnel, superintendent, school board member, PTA, etc. act together CORPORATELY to take responsibility and initiate CORPORATE CONSEQUENCE that these types of UNNECESSARY and HARMFUL circumstances occurring away from our town, paid for by our school district dollars, will cease to exist.

Again, thank you KAYHI TEACHERS! School conferences are over, but if I knew then the stellar level of each of your character in placing your names and your concerns on such an important document as the letter you all signed I would have shaken each of your hands and given you each a huge hug. Keep up the good work!

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Lynne Miller is the mother of two children in the Ketchikan schools and a 20+ year resident of Southeast Alaska.


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