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What lessons will they learn?
By David Hull


March 04, 2006
Saturday PM

I hope out of all this that the two men who stepped up and admitted their mistake will not suffer unduly for their honesty. If they do then what lesson will they truly learn from this? "Honesty is the best policy?" or "Silence is Golden?" or there's always "Never Tell on a Friend".

I think the two kids did a dumb thing, but blaming these kids for being honest when asked the question is not the right thing to do either. It would have been so much easier for them to have just not said anything, yet they stood up and took responsibility for their actions. Kick them off the team if you have to, but don't kick them while they are down.

Who stands to learn the biggest life lesson from all this are these two young men. What are we all going to teach them?

David Hull
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: David Hull has been a resident of Ketchikan for over 30 years. He is currently working in public safety.



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