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Hanging out after school
By Daphne Schnur


March 02, 2006
Thursday PM

I must be missing an important detail regarding requiring the students to leave the school if they aren't involved in an after school activity. Although I didn't attend school here, we had the same policy. They reason being there was no supervision.

My son doesn't have access to his elementary school outside of school hours. I don't have access to the building I work in after hours. I can't go to a church unless someone is there.

I believe most public places don't allow access to their buildings outside of set hours.

I recall a report on the radio yesterday about school vandalism, in the late 90's didn't a young student hold up in Schoenbar over night, there is a reward offered right now related to missing uniforms. All of these things happened because someone was where they shouldn't be.

In my own opinion I don't believe the policy is in effect to punish anyone. I think it's a preventative measure. I'm sure teams will be allowed to practice, community groups will be allowed access for their special projects, dances will still occur and so on. The school is simply saying you shouldn't be hanging out after school unless you are participating in a supervised activity.

Daphne Schnur
Ward Cove, AK - USA

About: Daphne Schnur moved to Ketchikan in 1996.


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