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By Rudy McGillvray


March 02, 2006
Thursday PM

What is the rational for keeping secret the details of operation of our Permanent Fund? I support Greg Erickson's questions of the commission directed with the responsibility of managing the Permanent Fund. It is the public's money, it is garnered by law, developed in the Alaskan public's interest, because of Jay Hammond (former gov. of AK and Oral Freeman, a former representative from Ketchikan) and voted on and passed by a large majority of both Houses. Signed into law by Jay Hammond, as Governor of Alaska.

Several raids on the Permanent Fund have been tried, and all failed, because they ran counter to the Law that created the Fund, and public support for no tampering. This secrecy stuff engendered by the present director of the Fund, reads like an unlawful end run, by those who would steal "OUR MONEY". Or reduce its value, or screw it up and leave it broke.

A special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate any malfeasance, hiding of background checks on employees of the fund, and in general making sure we have the best representation of the public's right to Know WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE PERMANENT FUND!!!

Yours, for openness, truth and honesty, in government.

Rudy McGillvray
Ketchikan , AK - USA

About: Alan R. McGillvray has been a long time resident citizen of Alaska, off and on since 1946. He was raised in Ketchikan, and has resided in Kodiak, Unalaska, and Nome. He is a commercial fisherman, and a journeyman Plumber. Alan R. McGillvray writes, "I was residing in Ketchikan at the time the Perm Fund was being built, and have developed several issues about what I see as its deficiencies."

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