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Lack of respect and trust shown to students
By Teri Matiashowski


March 01, 2006
Wednesday PM

As a parent of a student that will be entering Kayhi next Fall, I am writing to express my concern over the lack of respect and trust shown to the students through some of the letters that I have read on Sitnews recently. When I was attending Kayhi, there was a group of students that volunteered to work the doors collecting money, verifying admittance, selling concessions, etc. There was one teacher that would oversee all of the students that were interested in belonging to this group. They would meet after school occasionally to get instructions. It was an honor to belong to such a group. If someone was caught being dishonest, they could not participate. Anyone who wanted to belong to this group understood the importance of honesty and integrity. People don't seem to realize the quality of students that are at Kayhi right now. We shouldn't let the behavior of a select few tarnish the reputation of all.

On another note, I agree that the schools should be left open for students after school for as long as possible. I remember small groups of the drill team taking the extra time, working together in the hallways, to perfect their routine. Where would they have the opportunity to do such things if the school was closed? I remember students working together in the halls and in the MSR making posters for upcoming events. This builds relationships between the students. Before there was a Rec Center and track, people would be at Kayhi running the halls for exercise. Why has it gotten so strict today that everyone must be out by a certain time? I personally want my children to feel that they are welcome to be at their school after hours for as long as they need or want to be.

Teri Matiashowski
Ward Cove, AK - USA

About: Teri Matiashowski was born and raised in Ketchikan. She graduated from Kayhi in 1986 and currently has one child in 8th grade and one in 6th grade.


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