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Stevens Proposes To Move Alaska Forward
By Investing in Education Infrastructure


March 30, 2005

Legislation introduced Tuesday by Alaska Senate President Ben Stevens, R- Anchorage, would provide $337 million to address critical maintenance and construction needs of education facilities across Alaska and move Alaska forward into the next decade by investing in Alaska's education infrastructure.

"This legislation represents a real commitment from all Alaskans to maintain and build classrooms, science labs and learning opportunities for current and future students," said Sen. Stevens.

Stevens said Senate Bill 155 would transfer $337,188,471 from the earnings of the Permanent Fund to the major maintenance grant fund and construction of education facilities across Alaska. $212,688,471 is allocated to K-12 maintenance and new construction. $124,500,000 is allocated to institutions of higher learning and projects that benefit the education of all Alaskans.

According to projections provided by the Legislative Finance Division, the transfers made in SB 155 would have less than 1% effect on Permanent Fund Dividends over a fifteen-year period, said Stevens.

"Every Alaskan family that has benefited or plans to benefit from Alaska's public school and University system should support our effort to improve education opportunities throughout Alaska," said Sen. Stevens.

The bill is co-sponsored by Senators Gary Wilken, John Cowdery, Ralph Seekins, Lyda Green, Con Bunde, Gary Stevens and Tom Wagoner.

Stevens said, "It is my position that this investment from the earnings of the Permanent Fund for Alaska's education infrastructure needs is both appropriate and necessary in order to provide Alaskans adequate and safe facilities to learn and grow intellectually."


K-12 Maintenance & New Construction
District Dollar Amount
Alaska Gateway $2,837,307
Aleutians East $223,885
Anchorage $40,337,285
Annette Island $486,312
Bering Strait $5,074,147
Chatham $2,020,254
Chugach $272,361
Copper River $13,635,937
Denali Borough $607,194
Fairbanks NSB $20,000,000
Iditarod Area $1,465,840
Juneau $4,196,504
Kenai $2,172,401
Ketchikan Gateway $297,000
Kodiak Island $1,237,200
Lake & Peninsula $7,711,847
Lower Kuskokwim $44,429,561
Mat-Su $39,848,785
Nenana City $1,241,910
Northwest Arctic $5,870,181
Saint Mary $304,449
Sitka $5,287,477
Southeast Island $141,415
Wrangell City $1,966,353
Yakutat City $634,434
Yukon Flats $4,538,060
Yukon-Koyukuk $5,850,372
TOTAL $212,688,471

University of Alaska & Other
Project Dollar Amount
Anchorage Museum of History & Art $5,000,000
UA/Bristol Bay Campus South Addition $1,200,000
Fairbanks Virology Lab $24,200,000
UA/Integrated Science Facility $71,600,000
UA/Kenai Peninsula College Student Housing $7,500,000
UA/Kenai Peninsula College Classroom Addition $3,000,000
UA/Kenai Cultural Arts & Research Center $500,000
Kodiak College Vocational Technology Addition Phase I $10,000,000
UA/Mat-Su Campus Planning $1,500,000
TOTAL $124,500,000



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