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Egg Hunt Winners Announced


March 27, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Over 200 children participated in the Egg Hunt held at the Plaza Mall this weekend. The Egg Hunt was sponsored by Wal-Mart, The Plaza, Ketchikan Parks and Recreation, Ketchikan Youth Court and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

jpg egg hunt

Egg hunters Janet Hannah and her daughter Haley Hannah take a minute to pose for the camera. Over 200 children participated in the Egg Hunt, along with parents and nearly 40 volunteers... Photo courtesy Gretchen Klein

The winners:

0-3 year Category

1. Shaudra Seifert won a bike
2 Elijah Monta won a bike
3. Tianna Monta won a $25.00 certificate

4-5 year Category

1. Ezekiak Roberts a won bike
2. Maykessik Blair-Issacs a won bike
3. Jessica Beck won a $25.00 certificate

6-7 year Category

1. Erica Stewart won a bike
2. Andrew Sevilla won a bike
3. Oakley McLaren won a$25.00 certificate

Egg Hunt Volunteers:

01. Rebecca Nordtvedt
02. Corky Olson
03. Jessica Reveri
04. Patti Green
05. Robyn Buchanan
06. Jessica Bernard
07. Michael Hemick
08. Gregory Bird
09. Courtney Enright
10. Jordan Phillips
11. Vicky Pilcher
12. Michael Herrick
13. Gresha Azizi
14. Kyle Seibel
15. Stan Felsman
16. Bonnie Siltman
17. Janet Hanna
18. William Horvat
19. Sig Liepelt
20. Bertha Hansen
21. Bryce Timm
22. Perry Suberly
23. Brittany Maxwell
24. Eli Joshou
25. Jermiah Stack
26. Michael Herrick
27. Samantha Barnes
28. Tara Wilhelm
29. Olivia Round
30. Mira Wilhelm
31. Sheila Bird
32. Min Hi
33. Tram Anhllgayer
34. Roger Fawcett
35. Penny Eubanks
36. Jose Carmona
37. Gretchen Klein


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