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March 31st PFD Deadline Draws Near


March 23, 2005

According to Paul Dick, Operations Manager for the PFD Division, the division estimates that about 100,000 applications will be received during the last week of the application season. "Last year on March 31st over 1,800 applicants came to the Dividend Information Offices to submit their applications. We hope that Alaskans will take advantage of the information offices being open on March 28 to avoid long lines on March 31 and even missing the deadline" said Dick.

Hand delivered or courier delivered applications must be received in a Dividend Information Office by 5 pm AST, March 31, 2005. Applications mailed by US Postal Service or foreign mail must be postmarked on or before March 31, 2005.

Alaskans can avoid a trip to the Dividend Information Offices by applying on-line for the dividend at According to Dick, the on-line system will accept applications until midnight AST, March 31, 2005. "An applicant must have all information entered into the system and successfully submit the application and receive their confirmation before midnight" said Dick. "The on-line application will be shut off at midnight and anyone in the middle of an application will be out of luck" he said. The PFD Division projects that they will receive around 200,000 on-line applications this year.

Applicants who apply on-line receive immediate confirmation after they complete the application process. Applicants who apply by paper will not receive confirmation but can check the status of their application on the PFD web site about 30 days after they submit their application.

The PFD Division will open its Dividend Information Offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau on the Seward's Day state holiday, March 28, 2005 to assist Alaskans who have not yet applied for a dividend this year. Thousands of Alaskans have yet to submit their application. The application deadline for this year's dividend is Thursday, March 31, 2005.

The Dividend Information Offices will be open to answer telephone calls and e-mails also.

Dividend Information Offices are located in Anchorage at 616 E Street; Fairbanks at 1005 Cushman Street; and Juneau at the Willoughby entrance to the State Office Building. Offices in each location will be open from 8 am to 5 pm.

The on-line application and more information can be found at Individuals with questions about dividend eligibility or who need assistance can call one of the following numbers: Anchorage 907-269-0370; Fairbanks 907-451-5095; Juneau 907-465-2326; or 1-800-733-8813.

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